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Leigh Boyle DPT, LMT

TX #125668

Leigh is not your average massage therapist. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 14 years experience in sports medicine and orthopedics. During this time she has specialized in manual therapy and biomechanics, treating injuries ranging from ankle sprains to complex surgical reconstructions. She has also worked with athletes ranging from recreational to the Olympic/professional levels.

She brings this knowledge to her massage work with the primary goal of helping athletes achieve their athletic goals by maximizing their recovery and keeping them injury free.

**ATA Sports Therapy provides massage services ONLY!! If you are injured and looking for an evaluation/treatment/PT, please see your doctor. The services provided her are for the purpose of relaxation, recovery and sports performance. NO EXCEPTIONS!**

 P R I C E S

30 minute massage – $30

60 minute massage – $60

90 minute massage – $90

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